The Year Ahead

We're always thinking ahead here at Carr Amps. Even though our production staff is running full tilt, keeping up with demand, we've got a couple of suprises in store for later this year.(Mailbox amp not included.) Stay tuned !


Amusing Artemus Feedback

"As if the Rambler wasn't already the Black Hole of the few hours I savor away from the day job, I made the mistake of firing up that little blue amp at the local Guitars R Us. After beading at the brow and fumbling slack- jawed for plastic the Artemus followed me home. I tried to find a pickup/ pedal combo platter this carnivorous beast didn't like. Fuggetaboutit! When I woke up in the middle of the night my strat and TV Jones- festooned Collings were snuggled up next to it rubbing lotion on it and listening to Barry White records!" - Proud Artemus owner Bryan E.