Raleigh FAQs

We refer to the tubes and their positions in the amp as V1, V2, etc. for preamp tubes and P1, P2, etc. for power tubes. The number indicates the position of the tube as counted from top to bottom when looking at the back of the amplifier. The top to bottom progression follows the circuit from input to output.

Raleigh Tubes
  V1 V2 P1
Type 12AX7EH 12AX7B EL84
Manufacturer Electro-Harmonix China Valve Art or JJ
Function Initial gain stage and post tone stack recovery Overdrive gain Single-ended output stage

The Raleigh is a fixed bias amplifier and requires a bias adjustment any time the power tube is changed. See the Raleigh Owner's Manual for more information on adjusting the bias. Use only an EL84 or its equivalent 6BQ5 power tube in the Raleigh.

Carr Amplifiers selects and tests the finest current production tubes specifically for each amplifier model. Caution should be used when buying replacement tubes from any dealer who does not have a return policy as all tubes can have problems (NOS tubes are susceptible to microphonics and failure too).

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