Secrets of Great Tone...

At great personal risk we present photos of
the newest Mercury two tone finish Grey/Slub/Grey -
Such a swank look -- it contrasts amazingly with the 170 year old heart pine floors in our secret interior.   Only a cloistered few enter this building - with its painted over windows ---- (Let’s just say Ben Franklin was a well known member) ---
And now the unseen hand of this Mercury is leading the world to better tone.


First Impression of a New Impala Owner.

Carr Impala

"Steve Carr was kind enough to sell me one of the four Impalas he brought to NAMM with him. The Impala is his take on the venerable Fender blackface Bassman with the addition of reverb and a master volume all wrapped up in a convenient 1x12 combo. The amp sounds like the best Bassman you've ever played...warm, tight and extremely punchy but where this amp shines is the master volume. I don't know what Carr did but this is hands down the most useable master volume I've ever played. Even at bedroom volumes you can get that Fender blackface grind that cleans up amazingly well by backing off the guitar's volume knob and it only gets better from there.
I'm not sure when they'll hit stores but I imagine they'll start shipping soon. If you've ever wanted killer blackface tones with more flexibility, this is the amp for you."

Scott K


The Bloke in The ToneQuest Report

The ToneQuest Report, cover, July-August 2012
The July-August 2012 issue of The ToneQuest Report has an interview with Steve Carr about the design of the Bloke and a review of the amp. The magazine is only available in print, so run out and get you one. Meanwhile, here's a nice quote: Our impression of the Bloke is one of an exceptional performance amp that can handle literally any venue....Highly recommended for those about to rock. - The ToneQuest Report, July-August 2012