New Carr Pedals at NAMM 2011

Watch the Premier Guitar coverage of the Carr Amplifiers booth at NAMM 2011 where we showed off two new multi-pedal prototypes: reverb/tremolo/clean boost and analog delay/tremolo/clean boost. Both pedals feature tube signal-paths, point-to-point wiring, headphone/line outs, and Carr quality and craftsmanship. Check it out on the Premier Guitar website: NAMM 2011 - Carr Amps Tube Multi Pedal Demos

Lots of New Dealers


Preamp Tube Substitutions Video

It has been almost 11 months since we made a video, but yesterday Steve got the bug and recorded this one with the help of Mike Kenlan working the camera. This episode is about different types of preamp tubes, and Steve offers some suggestions for substituting one tube type for another. Steve wishes he had mentioned tube pin straighteners in the video. Many times the pins on NOS and even brand new current production tubes are bent and not aligned with the socket hole spacing. A pin straightener will fix mis-aligned pins, avoiding damage to the tube and socket.