Super Bee in flight! Available to order now! Shipping 1-1-21

Super Bee Guitar Amp Logo
Super Bee 1-12 Black-Wine-Black guitar amp

Carr Super Bee                                                      11/20
Nested in Classic Black Face Super Reverb Fullerton sounds with all the usable power needed for great tone and great fun!
- Super Seductive, Super Rocking, Super Black Face inspired swagger sporting current production 6BeeM8 power tubes. 
- 10 watts (the new 100) plus built-in attenuator for late night flying
- 3 position Sting switch taking you thru an alternate reality of Black Face tones - extra scooped beauty - center Fullerton strut - heated 70s CBeeS.
The Super Bees’ EZ81 tube rectifier yields lively bounce while enhancing the amplifiers emotional buzz.
Suitable for home or afield.
3 position Sting: 64 (extra scoop and shimmer) ---
                            68 Classic Black Face
                            72 (increased gain while changing where the Tone               
                                             circuit is applied for a gigantic range of tones)
Treble, Middle, Bass
Variable 4th Generation Attenuator  - Full power / 2 watts to whisper
16 US made Jupiter Caps inside –
Carr Valiant 12” Speaker
Tube complement
1 EZ81 Rectifier
2 6BM8 current production Power Tube/ Preamp Tube combo
2 12AX7
1 12AT7
1-10 compact combo $2430
1-12 combo $2490  
                           Make Your Hive Come Alive!  

Telstar getting closer!

Pittsboro, NC – 9/1/2014 - The Carr Telstar….
…And now for something completely different!! 
The Telstar blends the sinewy harmonic assertion of EL84s with the deep full control of 6L6s in a new and unique push pull recipe.  You may have a 6L6 amp or an EL84 amp but not an amp that uses both types in harmony for a new pallet of expression.  The Telstar sound can easily range from haunting rich cleans to creamy overdrive.  Our Lean/Lush switch tailors the body of the tone while the 53/58 switch changes the overall gain structure and the frequencies the Tone control emphasizes.  Sonically treading the years from early Fullerton 50s roundness thru late 50s proto British bite.
17 Watts full output - (Double Digit Power)
6L6 (stock) plus EL84 power tubes together in push pull class A - (Unprecedented)
Use any octal power tube with the EL84 without re-biasing - (experimental)
53/58 switch – round early 50s Fullerton to Proto British Hot Rod - (Macho)
Lean/Lush switch – tight to rich bass - (elastic)
All tube Reverb - (Aquatic)
Built-in variable attenuator 17 watts down to zero - (Useful)
Mid Century Midrange - (confident)
Extended range One Knob tone control - (Less is More)
Early 60s thin wall space age cabinet  - (Solid Tone)
Custom ‘Valiant’ speaker – (Sincere to Sinister)
1) 6L6 (EL34 or 6V6 compatible) + 1) EL84 1) 6SL7 Octal 1) 12AX7 1) 12AT7
100% Point to Point wiring - Solen Aerospace Satellite power supply capacitors
Selected mixed resistor types – Jupiter Tone Caps - Custom Carr power/output transformers - Local made saddle leather handles – Cabinets built in house
Retail/Street $2390  1-12 combo
Carr Amplifiers began in 1998 with an irresistible passion for hand wired vacuum tube guitar amplifiers. We take inspiration from the classics of the 50s and 60s then
imagine new features, refinements in tone, reliability, and ease of operation.  Essential tone with organic tactile feel is our signature.   Man Made

Carr Amps Shop now Solar!

Carr Amps shop is now powered by the Sun!
We have installed a ~ 20KW solar system over the shop and for the 9 + sunny months of the year
we will be 100% off the grid!  
Cloudy afternoons or tone robbing power outages -- no problem -
our Tesla Power Wall battery will carry us thru.
Solar solder, photon drive cabinet joinery, and genuine Star Power --- we are excited!