Sportsman Field Review From Artisan Guitars

From our friends at Artisan Guitars...
Sportsman 1x10 in Tweed

Testimonial: Carr Sportsman – Field Review (excerpt)

The mid knob is very functional and fattens up the sound giving it what Fender Princeton amps can not do. The bass dial surprises me in this 10 inch model using Jensen's new Falcon speaker. Very functional bass, dimed if need be with no flubbies! I see it introduced at the 2011 namm footage ,disclaiming that this speaker with the propriatary secret green cone has arrived and has a design mission to sound big,much like a 12 would!... The reverb on this is very special in that it has a lush quality that seems to blend with overdriven tones without sounding nasty making it very useable. Better and more playable verb than my princetons. I just played it tonight direct, using no pedals with a Gibson custom shop 329'. It supplied the range of tones needed without footstompin the pedals like the other player were doing all night. Read the entire testimonial at Artisan Guitars.