New Stuff for 2010

Artemus Logo

We have some new offerings this year.

  • The Artemus is an 4x EL-84-driven combo. The details are on our Home page.

  • We have two new coverings: Alligator and Ostrich. Our Home page has photos.

  • There are three--count 'em three--new variations on the Slant 6V:

    1. Slant 6V Lt - Clean channel only version. Same as the classic, just no OD channel.
    2. Slant 6V HP - High power version. With 4 6L6s making 100/55/35 watts.
    3. Slant 6V HP Lt - High power, clean channel only version.

    More info will be added to the Slant 6V page soon.

  • And lastly, sadly, we are discontinuing the Hammerhead. It was a great but misunderstood amp, and orders have been few and far between. So long lil' buddy. *sniff*.


Video Demo of the Raleigh

In this video Guitar World's gear editor Paul Riario demonstrates the features of the Carr Raleigh 1x10 combo amp. As some of you have noticed, we are a little short on Raleigh sound files. If you've yearned to hear more of the Raleigh, this video demonstration provides a good overview of what the amp can do. By the way, we pronounce it RA-lee not Rally.

Rambler Review in JazzTimes

JazzTimes, Oct 2009

JazzTimes, Oct 2009

This month's issue of JazzTimes has a review of the Rambler. Reviewer Russell Carlson writes: I'd say what you're paying for--beyond the great tone--is top-notch craftsmanship, hand-wired electronics and thoughtful, well-researched design that adds up to a solid piece of dependable equipment. Incidently, the cover story is on Nels Cline, who plays a Raleigh and a Rambler. Update - 4 Nov 2009: JazzTimes has put the review online at http://jazztimes.com/articles/25115-gearhead-carr-rambler-amplifier.