New Ohio Dealer

DHR Music Experience, Cincinnati, Ohio

DHR Music Experience,
Cincinnati, Ohio

DHR Music Experience is a new Carr dealer (and a dealer in new Carrs) located in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are currently our only dealer in the Buckeye state, so we call upon you, the people of Ohio, to head on down, over, or up to DHR Music for all your Carr needs. DHR Music Experience 9466 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, OH 45242 513-272-8004 www.dhrmusic.com

Small But Mighty

Vintage Guitar Cover, Oct 2009

Vintage Guitar Cover, Oct 2009

The Raleigh gets a mighty fine review in the October 2009 issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine. Reviewer Sean O'Bryan Smith writes:
Through rigorous use on a number of recording sessions, it was obvious there's a lot of tone in this little guy. Dirty or clean, the Raleigh held a great amount of warmth, but was surprisingly transparent. It did not overly color the natural tone of the guitar unless called upon to do so, yet retained the natural characteristics of an EL84 amp. This is a very cool balancing act. And clean tones are full of shimmer.
On newsstands now.

Carr at XX Merge

Lambchop, stealing the show at XX Merge. (Photo by Brad Searles)

Lambchop, stealing the show at XX Merge. (Photo by Brad Searles)

Carr Amplifiers provided amps for XX Merge, a five-day, 33-band music festival celebrating Merge Records' 20th anniversary. Most bands used some combination of the three amps we provided: a Slant 6V 1x12 combo, a Viceroy 1x12 combo, and a Hammerhead MkII head and 2x12 cabinet. The amps performed admirably through a range of musical styles from delicate to aggressive, even surviving an onslaught of half-full PBR cans during Pipe's raucous set. This article from the Washington Post includes photos of the bands playing our amps: XX Merge: The Definitive List of 20 Things to Know

Carr Amps on Facebook

Yep, we've got a Facebook page. As of this post, there isn't much there, but we'll be adding photo galleries, discussions, and all the other bells and whistles in short order. You can, however, become a fan of Carr Amplifiers right this minute! Show your support for Carr Amps while showing your friends that you have superior taste in guitar amplifiers.

Welcome to Point-To-Point

This is Point-To-Point, the spot for fun, educational Carr Amps Videos, articles, news, and oddities! What are Carr Amps Videos, you ask? We are embarking on an ambitious project to produce at least one video per month on subjects like amp building, the Carr Amps shop, how-to's, and more. The first one is already up: Carr Video Series #1. Yes, we are moving into the modern world (but we still make our amps with tubes). With Point-To-Point's blog-style format, you are welcome, nay, encouraged to add your comments to the posts. And to keep up with Point-To-Point, there are subscription options via RSS and email. Both methods are hosted by Google's Feedburner service. To navigate Point-To-Point, you can scroll through the posts which are arranged by date from newest to oldest, or use the methods provided in the Point-To-Point Submenu (at left) to zero in on the posts you are interested in.
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In other modern improvements, we now have a Carr Amps YouTube Channel. There you can find, in addition to our Carr Amps Videos, collections of others' videos that feature Carr amps. Enjoy, and check back often! Best, Steve Carr and the Carr Team