New Places To Buy A Carr

Looking for a Carr in your area? Three new dealers will soon receive their first Carr amps:

Artemus Update

We've updated the website to fully integrate the Artemus, including sound files from our friend Jay Manley. Also, because the Hammerhead Mk II was discontinued at the beginning of this year, all of the Hammerhead Mk II information has been moved to the Support section of the site. In the process of archiving the Hammerhead info, two new pages were created: Sounds Archive and Press Archive. The Press Archive, though containing nothing not previously available, groups reviews of the bygone models El Moto, Imperial, Hammerhead (the original), and Hammerhead Mk II. The Sounds Archive, in addition to housing the Hammerhead Mk II sounds, brings the original Imperial sound files back to the site (for your amusement only). We suspect the old El Moto and Hammerhead sounds are lurking about somewhere, but we have yet to locate any notes or settings lists which would help in their identification. The Press and Sounds Archives can be accessed through the Support page under Discontinued Models. ¡Olé!

Welcome, New Dealers!

We've got lots of new dealers to welcome (and assimilate into the collective--resistance is futile!):