Lincoln Cabinet Design

Would you like to see my etchings?
Lou Building
Steve and George

We made three prototype cabinets designs for the Lincoln before settling on the final look. 
Each had an interesting vibe but the final design sounded best, looked best, and balanced best when being carried.
Lots to consider!   Here is the sketch that led to the final cab and a shot of that concept being made.
- plus the earliest cab design we did in February 2015  - the photo is me showing it to George of Chicago Music Exchange.
We go thru a ton of trial and error in both the circuit and cabinet development!

Reviving a Flooded Impala

One of our favorite customers recently called us with the sad news that his beloved Impala had been in a flood, and spent several days completely submerged.
Over the next few weeks, we're going to be documenting the restoration of his amp. First up: Taking it apart, and assessing the damage. Stay tuned !


The Year Ahead

We're always thinking ahead here at Carr Amps. Even though our production staff is running full tilt, keeping up with demand, we've got a couple of suprises in store for later this year.(Mailbox amp not included.) Stay tuned !


Steve Pays a Visit To Artisan Guitars !

Steve Carr and the gang at Artisan Guitars

Steve had a wonderful time recently at our fine and gracious dealer Artisan Guitars Franklin TN.
Big thanks to the folks who came out, they were a delight and very attentive !
Here we are with the custom Skylark mirror presented to Bill and Ellie and their crew.

We'll be visiting more of our dealers soon, hope to see you there... stay tuned !