New Stuff for 2010

Artemus Logo

We have some new offerings this year.

  • The Artemus is an 4x EL-84-driven combo. The details are on our Home page.

  • We have two new coverings: Alligator and Ostrich. Our Home page has photos.

  • There are three--count 'em three--new variations on the Slant 6V:

    1. Slant 6V Lt - Clean channel only version. Same as the classic, just no OD channel.
    2. Slant 6V HP - High power version. With 4 6L6s making 100/55/35 watts.
    3. Slant 6V HP Lt - High power, clean channel only version.

    More info will be added to the Slant 6V page soon.

  • And lastly, sadly, we are discontinuing the Hammerhead. It was a great but misunderstood amp, and orders have been few and far between. So long lil' buddy. *sniff*.