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Bloke Review in Vintage Guitar

Vintage Guitar, cover, September 2012
The September 2012 issue of Vintage Guitar has a review of the Bloke. Here's an excerpt: [The Bloke is] a rock star, able to produce classic '70s stack tones. Its tight punch and gainy tones make perfect for the player who wants to drop their '70s Brit-style head and cab for a 1x12 combo. - Vintage Guitar, September 2012 Pick up a copy of the magazine or read the review here: No Regular Fella (920kb pdf).

Sportsman Review in Vintage Guitar

Vintage Guitar Cover, September 2011

On newsstands now, the September 2011 issue of Vintage Guitar features a review of the Sportsman.

With the Carr Sportsman, you don't have to hunt to find a great tone. Whether jammed with single-coils or humbuckers, its versatile tone stack, high-end components and built quality make it an easy task. - Vintage Guitar, September 2011

On The Hunt - Sportsman Review in Vintage Guitar, Sep 2011 (976kb pdf)


Small But Mighty

Vintage Guitar Cover, Oct 2009

Vintage Guitar Cover, Oct 2009

The Raleigh gets a mighty fine review in the October 2009 issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine. Reviewer Sean O'Bryan Smith writes:
Through rigorous use on a number of recording sessions, it was obvious there's a lot of tone in this little guy. Dirty or clean, the Raleigh held a great amount of warmth, but was surprisingly transparent. It did not overly color the natural tone of the guitar unless called upon to do so, yet retained the natural characteristics of an EL84 amp. This is a very cool balancing act. And clean tones are full of shimmer.
On newsstands now.